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3 Best Types of Shower Screens for Your Modern Home in Perth

Trying to find a shower screen that matches perfectly with your modern-style home can be difficult. There are so many options out there that it can be a process just to choose one. For those unfamiliar, a shower screen is typically an enclosure of glass s

This helps to prevent errant drops of water from escaping and creating mould around your bathroom. However, selecting one that fits the design of your home is a task for the ages. There are a myriad of styles and designs that you could select. To make your selection easier, listed below are the top three screens that are perfect for a modern home.

1. Fully Framed Shower Screens

A shower screen that is fully framed has plastic surrounding the perimeter, side panels, and doors. The material used is usually aluminium, which can corrode but will not rust. This makes it the ideal choice to use in a shower. Typically, the metal is painted white. White, as you may know, is a staple of modern homes’ colour schemes. However, other colours, such as silver or chrome, white, almond ivory, and natural matte are also available.

If you are trying to create a modern bathroom on a budget, the fully framed option is probably the best one for you. It still has the glass that creates the sophisticated air so common to modern homes. However, the aluminium adds strength and complements the white colour so common to modern homes. As you shop for a screen, you’ll also want to inquire about glass grades. At Rockingham Glass, we only offer grade-A safety glass. This particular type of glass is shatter-proof, perfect in case you accidentally trip in the shower.

There are a couple varieties of installations available for these types of shower screens. The first is the ninety-degree angle instalment. The classic box, this one is great for a more utilitarian style. The second is the forty-five-degree angle instalment. A little more ornate than the previous, this one has a diamond-shaped perimeter where the bottom part of the diamond shape fits directly into the corner of the bathroom.

2. Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

The semi-frameless shower screen is another solid choice. Contrary to the fully framed version, this one only has plastic around the perimeter of the glass. Again, the material is aluminium. All the previously mentioned colours such as white, almond ivory, and natural matte are available for this version as well. Generally, the semi-frameless shower screen is better for more minimalistic designs. The reason for this is certainly because of the decreased amount of aluminium used in the design.

All the options for instalments and such mentioned above are typical for this type of shower screen as well. The frameless and semi-frameless are similar, but the next type is wildly different.

3. Frameless Shower Screens

This option is likely the most unique of the bunch. Apart from the glass used, the only other elements are the brackets and hinges holding the assembly together. If you are truly looking for refinement and taste in your modern home, this option is the one for you. While the other two options have pre-set configurations, the frameless shower screen has no such limitations. The way that you design it is the way that you can have it installed. Some homeowners opt to have a single pane of glass nearly free-standing in the centre of the shower space. Others choose to use multiple panes, creating their own enclosure unconstrained by typical convention.

This style is classy and perfect for a modern home. However, it is also the most expensive, so keep that in mind when making a decision. If you decide that you wish to do it yourself, keep in mind that there is a multitude of brackets and screws that need to be put in place for this to work. Alternatively, you can contact our contractors here at Rockingham Glass to install it for you. Depending on the environment of your bathroom, there are a few colour options that you can choose from. The brackets can be black, chrome, or satin.

That’s a Wrap

And there you have it, the top three shower screens that would be perfect for your modern home. If you are looking for a contractor with options for installation of shower screens with grade-A glass, give us a call here at Rockingham Glass. With our wide selection of screen options, you’re sure to find a style to suit your shower and modern aesthetic.

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