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5 Reasons Security Screen Doors Are the Best Choice for Families

If you were staying in a hotel, you wouldn’t leave your valuables on the side, right? Even though the hotel door has a lock on it; and that’s because most of us feel that, despite the lock on the door, it’s just not secure enough.

Yet we often leave our homes with just the door locked, and think, job done, my home and belongings are safe.

However, homes without security screen doors are just not as safe as you’d want them to be. A blasé attitude to security might be okay if it’s you and you alone that you’re responsible for, but when you have children you have a responsibility to protect them in whatever way you can.

Security screen doors don’t just secure your home – although they do that – but they also powerfully protect your family.

Here are our 7 reasons security screen doors are the best choice for families:

See Who’s Knocking, Before You Let Them In

Security screen doors give you an option you don’t have with a conventional door, which is the opportunity to see who’s there before you decide to let them in. The barrier between you and an unwanted guest offers unparalleled safety for a family.

This means no nasty surprises, and if it’s a visit from somewhere you don’t want to have anything to do with, you can see who it is, and stop them having access to your property.

This is such a valuable feature for those who have children, because it serves to protect the whole family from unwanted visitors – who could jeopardise your safety.

They Reduce the Risks of a Break-In

Robbers are as old as time, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your home open to their advances. Security screen doors are a fantastic way to prevent your home from unwanted break-ins.

Despite the best efforts off robbers, there’s almost no chance they can break through a security screen door; these handy doors cannot be cut open, kicked-in, or pried open. So no matter how much force a robber exerts, they’re not getting in your home.

Allows A Cool Breeze, Without the Worry of Unwanted Intruders

Because security screen doors come in two parts, the protective gate and the door frame, you are able to let a cool breeze come into your home on hot days, without worrying about your home being inadequately protected.

This is an excellent feature for the parents of young children, because children need to be kept cool and stay safe. Allowing a breeze to oscillate through your home without having to worry about your home being unsecure takes a load off the concerning parents mind.

Even better, allowing air to circulate naturally can massively reduce any energy bills you have for air conditioning too!

They Can Lower Your Insurance Costs

We know that as parents, you’re going to want to be saving every penny you can get. Which is just another reason to consider investing in security screen doors.

Security screen doors add an additional layer of protection to the home, and insurers will recognise that. That means you could potentially lower your insurance costs significantly, as long as they’re combined with other security measures.

This will put more money back in your pocket, which you can spend on fun times with your kids. Not only are you keeping your children safe, you’ll be saving some dollars to boot!

They Look Great!

You may be worried that a security screen door looks a bit too intense for a domestic property. Perhaps you’re picturing something with bars across it, like the door of a prison. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Security screen doors come in lots of different styles, and there’s truly one for every family’s taste and home. The intricate designs of the front of these doors can be so delicate and elegant, you’d have no idea they’re there for security purposes!

Rockingham Glass provide some of the best security screen doors you can buy to protect your home and family in Perth. As we’ve shown, if you got a family, there is truly no better option than security screen doors for keeping your home and your children safe.

Because of their protective features, security screen doors mean you have once less thing to worry about – and we know how important that is for a parent! Looking at Rockingham Glass today for the best in security screen doors.

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