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Replace Your Old Shower Screen

With numerous styling options, from frameless to full-framed shower screens, transforming your bathroom from the ordinary to something worthy of a guest spot on Better Homes and Gardens or Houzz is inherently achievable.

You can transform your bathroom in less than 5 minutes!

While shower screens are one of several areas to focus upon when renovating bathrooms, the right shower screen sets the tone for the entire bathroom space, adding a level of sophistication, homeliness, modernity or anything else you desire – the choice is yours.

Providing the best selection of bath panels and shower screens in the local Rockingham area, Rockingham Glass offers homeowners a fantastic collection of shower screens including varieties such as full, semi-frameless and frameless shower screens, sliding shower screens (available in framed, semi-frameless and frameless varieties), bath panels and more to deliver widest range of shower screen doors you’ll find anywhere in Perth.

It Begins with the Right Shower Screen …

There are many difficult decisions that need to be made when upgrading a bathroom space, but select the right shower screen and the rest of the project can then start to take shape. To select the right shower screen, first consider the size of the bathroom and the proportions of the entire space. For small bathrooms, a frameless or semi-frameless shower screen is the best choice as it gives the illusion of space and won’t make the bathroom feel cramped or like it’s lacking room to move.

However, a frameless shower screen mightn’t suit your style tastes or the design of your bathroom, so you can also consider styles like framed corner entry shower screens which are a top choice for small ensuites and bathrooms, along with larger bathrooms in which a prominent shower corner area is desired. Here are a few more insights to help you select the perfect shower screen:

With the exception of our bath panels (these are available in three popular sizes), all our shower screens are made to measure to ensure a perfect fit and the RG team is always available to help you select the most suitable shower screen door for your Perth home.

How a New Shower Screen Can Transform Your Bathroom Space

The style of shower screen you select will determine the way in which the transformation of your bathroom space occurs, which means selecting the right shower door is crucial if you’re to transform your bathroom space and achieve your desired outcome. So, what’s the outcome that you’re looking for by replacing your old shower screen with a new one?

Whatever the effect you’re trying to achieve, a new shower screen door from the Rockingham Glass selection can help you transform your bathroom from something ordinary into something special. Practical and stylish, built to last and made to order to ensure a perfect fit every time, our shower screens are ideal for Perth homeowners who insist on first-rate materials (including high-quality hardware and glass which meets if not exceeds all relevant industry standards) and workmanship. For shower screens that transform bathrooms, contact Rockingham Glass today.

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