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What to Look for in a Security Screen Door Service

We know how important security and safety is for your family.

Protecting your family, home and possessions is an integral part of day to day life – from checking that the front door is securely locked when you leave the house to storing precious valuables in padlocked safes. We all take the security of ourselves and our belongings seriously, but sometimes we need a little bit extra to feel fully safe.

That’s why when you need to purchase extra levels of security, you want to be sure that they’re the best that money can buy. That’s where the services of Rockingham Glass and security specialists come in: they are there to advise you on the best security measures for your home, and expertly fit them to ensure your home is safe from any threat.

Read on to find out what you should look for in a security service, and how to be sure you’re choosing the best security screen door to protect your home.

Experienced Fitters

First, you want to be assured that the company supplying and fitting your security screen doors are experienced and knowledgeable. When working with the experts at Rockingham Glass, you can feel comfortable that they’re doing the best job possible after 35 years in the business. Check with your fitters how long they’ve been doing the job and what their work ethos is – most door fittings will be completed in just a few hours.

Expert Advice

If you’re unsure about any part of the fitting process or the mechanism of your new security solutions, be sure to ask the company for their advice. They provide this service every day, so they know what would work best for your property and family’s needs. Most companies will be more than happy to accommodate any special requirements you have – like if you can’t make it to a showroom, they will bring sample products to you or assess your property to find tailor-made solutions.

Durable Materials

Much of our home security comes from using impenetrable materials and systems that can’t be broken down or outsmarted by criminals. Ask for more information about what materials are best used for security doors, and which mechanisms correspond to the latest developments. For example, benefit your home with advanced triple-locking that makes it absolutely impossible to force entry without a key.


When you’re splashing out on safety equipment, you want to know how reliable it will be at doing its job – keeping you as safe as possible. That’s why the experts that develop and install security systems are there to assure you that their products are 100% reliable and will never fail. Whether you choose folding, sliding or hinged security screen doors, you can enjoy total peace of mind that they are made with top of the range durability and will provide safety and security in your home for years to come.

Happy Customers

Another sure-fire sign of a quality security screen door service is that they have previous happy customers. If someone you know has had a similar safety system fitted that they love, get them to recommend the company who installed it. Word of mouth is still the best way to discover excellent workmanship for completing any home improvements you desire.

Read the Reviews

In the digital age, it’s possible to find out reviews for any product or service. Either visit the company website to read testimonials from old clients, google the company name, or visit contractor forums to get an idea of who carries out the best work in your area. As well as the actual fitters, check the reviews for individual products, too. Find out the pros and cons of sliding doors versus hinged doors, for instance, to help you gain a better idea of the best solution for your household. (Tip: folding doors could be best for children – there will be less accidents caused by heavy security doors being pulled onto trapped fingers.)

Rockingham Glass are experts in the glass industry with over 35 years of experience offering affordable and quick installation of glass, glazing and security solutions. They are based in Rockingham, Western Australia, and run every aspect of the business themselves: from manufacturing to providing excellent customer service. Contact them today with any glass or security need. 

“I have had rockingham glass out for a second time to replace some windows and yet again they have not disappointed, they are excellent. Great workmanship and excellent service. They are the only ones to use and I know as I have used the others in town. Rockingham glass came and quoted a few weeks ago and after having a different company replace some windows and completely stuffing it up I was hopefully of a better outcome and they did not disappoint, wow what a difference really professionals make. they installed a new sliding door and doggy door as well as a new window. They have done an amazing job, very clean and tidy and looks so good. I cannot wait to get others done. Thank you so much Rockingham glass I can not recommend you enough.”

Lee M

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