Commercial Framing Systems

Rockingham Glass manufactures and installs aluminium commercial windows and door systems.

We can offer a range of high specification products including semi commercial and full commercial aluminum windows and doors for applications in residential housing, multiple dwelling construction, commercial and industrial buildings.

Features and Benefits:

  • From individual frames to large expanses of glazing 
  • Hinged and Pivot doors, multi-fold doors, auto doors, openable windows and security screens 
  • Clear glass, high-performing glass, double glazing, infill panels and glazing alternatives such as spandrel glass or aluminium composite sheet 
  • Extensive powder coat or anodized colour range 
  • Specific requirements for acoustic, BAL ratings, cyclonic and energy ratings 
  • Commercial windows and doors are ideally suited to large and small retail buildings such as offices, residential developments. light industrial buildings and internal partitions.