Stainless Steel Security

By far the ultimate in appearance and quality. The Amplimesh Supascreen system uses a high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel, woven into a fine mesh to provide top-notch security for your home.

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The mesh is held in place using a unique patented pressure process, eliminating unsightly fixings or snap in covers. The system ensures no dissimilar metals are in contact, avoiding the possibility of corrosion as seen in other stainless steel security systems. 

Our team can also advise on some of the more technical matters of installing a security screen door in Perth. For example, the decision of whether to install a hinged or sliding door depends on several factors – the available space, the existing set-up and the preferences of the property owner, to name a few. 

Our expert installers at Rockingham Glass will walk you through all of the available options. 

Benefits and Features: 

  • Triple lock included on all doors 
  • Wide range of “standard colours” to choose from 
  • Exceeds testing requirement for AS5039 
  • Corrosion resistant