5 Signs for When You Should Consider Security Doors for Your Property

Doors are one of the great inventions of humankind. They provide security, safety, and can add that missing link to the design of your home in Perth. However, there are times when the old door that you have just does not pass muster anymore.

There are some conditions that may require you to change out your door faster than its regular lifespan however. Bear in mind that this list is by no means the end all be all. There can be other signs more specific to you and your home that could require a change. Without further ado, however, here are the top five signs that it’s time to make the switch to security doors.

1. The Frames on Your Doors Are Rusted

Is there a patina of rust covering the frames of your door? That could be a sign of a weakening of the material. Rust forms on metal when the metal begins to oxidize. Given enough time, the metal would be subsumed completely, becoming replaced with rust. It is safe to say that when rust replaces the metal of your door, it becomes weaker. If it gets weak enough, there really is no point in having it there.

Imagine that you had a door made of wood. Wood can be very sturdy, but if enough moisture and time get to it, it rots. A rust-covered door is much like a wooden one that’s rotted. With enough force, a criminal could simply kick through the door and enter your home. So if your door is rusted, it is time to upgrade.

2. Deadly Insects Keep Entering Your Home

You need to be careful when putting on shoes in Perth. Why? As you may know, scorpions and other deadly insects could be hiding inside. While they are minding their own business, they will not hesitate to sting an errant foot that invades their space. Oftentimes, doors, even with the inclusion of screen doors, do not prevent insects from coming into your home. Like many insects, scorpions and spiders can crawl through incredibly tight spaces. These spaces potentially include cracks present when your door is shut.

These deadly insects pose a danger to your family and yourself. If you have problems or have had issues with insects, you should consider upgrading to a security door or screen door. Their construction lends itself better to repelling insects. In addition, when the installation company installs the door, ask about how to better protect yourself against these miniature home invaders.

3. The Wood Comprising Your Doorframe Is Rotting

You brush your hand against your doorframe and pieces of it drop off. That is a bad sign. Why? Well, it has to do with how your locking system works. You probably have a lock on the handle and then a deadbolt above that. The deadbolt works by inserting a piece of metal into the doorframe. If your doorframe is rotting, then the deadbolt will not hold. In fact, an intruder could potentially open the door simply by yanking on the handle. If your doorframe is rotting, give us call at Rockingham Glass for door installation services and to get your doorframe replaced. To top off the installation, consider buying a security door for maximum protection.

4. The Paint on Your Door Is Chipping

This one is less intuitive than the others. There are two types of coating for a door: paint and powder. Paint is not heat-resistant and is prone to chipping. If you have a metal or wood door, this exposes it to the elements. This, in turn, exposes your door to rot or rust. As mentioned earlier, that is bad. Security doors are more likely to have a powder-based coating. Powder is much tougher than paint and lasts for longer.

5. There are Reports of Suspicious Activity in Your Neighbourhood

If you hear reports on the news about criminals in your neighbourhood, upgrade to a security door. This one is more of a pre-emptive measure. If you have already heard reports of potential criminal activity, you should act instead of react. Security doors are called as such for a reason. They are stronger than your average door and are capable of protecting your house, belongings, and family.

Open the Door to the Idea

So there you have it, the top five reasons to consider upgrading to a security door. As you begin looking around for some cost-effective doors, remember not to skimp on costs. When you purchase something higher-quality, you get the guarantee that it will last for a long time. A good place to start for high-quality doors with guaranteed security and a selection of style options is here with us at Rockingham Glass.

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