Float Glass

Float glass is predominately used in windows, shopfronts and some furniture and can be further processed into laminated, toughened, coated and painted glass, double-glaze (IGU) units and mirror.

The Float Glass Process: Production of float glass involves the pouring of molten glass from a furnace onto a large, shallow bath of liquid tin. The glass floats on the tin, spreading out and forming brilliant, polished flat surfaces, with the thickness controlled by the speed at which the solidifying glass is drawn from the tin bath. The glass then travels an annealing line where the cooling process continues under controlled conditions. It emerges in one continuous ribbon, which is then cut to suit customer requirements.

Tinted Float Glass: Tinted glass is produced by adding metal oxides such as iron, cobalt and selenium to the clear float mix. The addition of these oxides, which are very stable and fade resistant, provide the glass it’s colour and improves the solar performance without changing the basic properties of the product. Standard tones include Grey, Green and Bronze. Pop into our showroom at 1 Crompton Road, Rockingham to view our range of clear and tinted glass for your next project.

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