Laminated Safety Glass

Security is always an important consideration, but many solutions can make you feel locked up in your own home.
The clear choice is Laminated Safety Glass from Rockingham Glass.

Laminated Safety Glass, comprised of two panes of glass bonded together with a clear vinyl interlayer, makes it very difficult to break and gain entry to your premises.This product is classed as a Grade A™ safety glazing material and is suitable for a wide range of applications. Laminated glass can be customised and made up of a combination of different thicknesses of glass and interlayers depending on specification and can be utilised in high security situations. Laminated safety glass is a durable, versatile product that offers a broad range of benefits including:

  • Safety no risk of falling glass shards in human impact situations.
  • Security lower instance of entry being gained to properties glazed with laminated glass.
  • Sound reduction laminated safety glass has better sound reduction qualities than ordinary plate or float glass of equivalent thicknesses. Having two layers of glass and the plastic interlayer, laminated safety glass is itself an insulating glass unit. Install laminated safety glass in double glazed insulating units for superior sound reduction.
  • UV elimination laminated safety glass interlayers reduce ultraviolet light transmission by up to 99.99%. Therefore, greatly reducing fading to interior furnishings.
  • Heat and glare control High performance laminated glass using specialised interlayers and glass surface coatings are widely used for architectural glazing applications, in residential and commercial buildings.

Laminated safety glass is available in a wide range of tones, thicknesses, acoustic and energy saving solutions to suit almost any glazing application.Pop into our showroom at; 1 Crompton Road, Rockingham to view our range of laminated safety glass for your next project.

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