Why Choose Aluminium Windows?

Whether at home or in the workplace, quality aluminium windows offer a number of excellent benefits pertaining to performance, maintenance, design flexibility and more.

That means if your windows at home or at work are old and looking a bit tired, damaged or not delivering the energy efficiency required to keep up with your new heating and cooling systems, it’s definitely about time that you considered upgrading, with aluminium windows the best choice for all properties.

At Rockingham Glass, we proudly supply and install a great range of aluminium windows, as well as aluminium doors, and our team members are always on hand to help you make informed choices about the aluminium windows that you purchase and have installed at your home or workplace.

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading the windows at your home or workplace can be a costly project, so why upgrade? While there’s often a significant financial outlay involved, when quality aluminium windows are supplied and installed by a leading supplier like Rockingham Glass, there’s a myriad of excellent benefits afforded to the home or business owner. These benefits include, but aren’t limited to:

Design Flexibility and Aesthetic Appeal

As aluminium windows are strong, flexible and available in an impressive range of finishes, they enable home and business owners to choose from a wide range of design options that empower them to create aesthetically appealing window spaces which match the overall aesthetics of their properties. This is an extremely important aspect of choosing new windows for your home or workplace, as you need to upgrade, not downgrade, the aesthetic appeal of your property with new windows, after all, you want to recoup as much of your investment when it comes time to sell.

According to a variety of recent surveys and studies, when you choose the right windows for your home, whether aluminium or another material, you can recoup as much as 70% of your investment by increasing the equity in your home. As aluminium windows offer outstanding design flexibility and aesthetic appeal, they’re a safe investment, one which provides much-desired peace of mind.

Thermal Performance and Energy Efficiency

Delivering superb thermal performance which translates into enhanced energy efficiency, aluminium windows help you to significantly lower your energy bills, enabling you to quickly recuperate the financial outlay involved in having new high-quality windows installed at home or at work.

Durability, Longevity and Low Maintenance

Due to aluminium’s rust-resistant properties, aluminium windows are able to effectively withstand local weather conditions, ensuring they require minimal maintenance and are capable of delivering an extended lifespan. Unlike timber and uPVC windows which tend to be affected by the elements, aluminium windows won’t swell, crack, warp or split when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

This reduction in ongoing maintenance and replacement costs is a notable factor that influences the decisions of many financially conscious home and business owners. It also means that the high-quality aluminium windows supplied and installed by the glazing specialists at Rockingham Glass represent the best choice for local homes and businesses around the Perth and Fremantle areas.

Sustainability and Reduced Carbon Footprint

Aluminium boasts sustainable credentials that far outweigh those offered by other commonly used window materials such as uPVC or timber. This isn’t only due to the recycling process which requires just 5% of initial energy but also the thermal performance they deliver, which means that home and business owners are able to reduce their reliance on artificial heating and cooling to keep their properties comfortable throughout the year.

If you’re looking for a highly sustainable window product, one which offers attractive aesthetics and enables you to reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint, empowering you to lead a cleaner and greener lifestyle, it suffices to say that aluminium windows are a top choice.

As a leading local aluminium window supplier and installer, look no further than the glazing specialists at Rockingham Glass for the very best products, service and advice when upgrading your windows at home or at work. We offer a superb range of aluminium windows and doors for you to select from and our personable and experienced team members are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about the benefits that our range of aluminium windows deliver.

For expert advice that empowers you to make the right choices about the new windows and doors you choose for your home or workplace, visit us at our well-stocked showroom at 1 Crompton Road, Rockingham or give us a call on 08 9527 1794.

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